Feeling It Out

My body feels different today. As I run, it feels stronger, more in tune with my pace, but it also feels weaker. Not like I can’t continue, or that my running regimen stresses my body too much. No, it feels weaker because I’m rigorously conditioned, aware of an invincible feeling inside. I’m terrified of losing […]


The rats came at night. They skittered on the corrugated metal roof of the house on Kaua’i, in Hawaii, in the jungle, on a mountain. It sounded like they had built paths through the house’s walls, laid out blueprints, and erected scaffolding. The walls which usually sounded hollow, like they lacked insulation, until you heard […]

Surrender_Draft 4

The man with the trombone case hanging in his right hand stepped off the rusty Greyhound bus and into the heart of Belvidere Street. Richmond looked different than he’d expected. Trash hugged the gutters, beer bottles, cigarettes, wrinkled news papers. Hazy clouds blanketed the sky in an orange hue, something he’d never seen before. He […]

The Everything

Why can’t I be funny? I try all the time and it seems like I am not very good at conveying a humorous-type emotion to the people I’m around, so why not try it on readers, right? Two questions, no answers, lots of thoughts, and no humor, yet. Let me try to change that. When […]