The Irrelevance of Technology and Time in Nancy Farmer’s ‘The House of the Scorpion’

After reading the first fourteen chapters of Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion I noticed two elements in this text that make The House of the Scorpion unique to the other science fiction texts we have read this semester. The first unique element in the novel is that the technological advancements in the narrative […]

Scene: The Death and Reanimation of Sarasti

Angular patterns, akin to mortal wounds on the meat of the living, disjoin my analytically-centered psyche. The Synthesist merely watches, his benign stare is almost expressing emotive reaction to my chaotic state when I feel. I feel. I feel…a pointed cylinder, three centimeters in circumference and a half meter in length, divide my mind into […]

“A sea of tortured faces, rotating in slow orbits around my vampire commander” (Watts 337).

This sentence comes during Siri’s first contact with Sarasti since he was brutally attacked by the vampire. It is significant to the novel in that this is the reader’s first glimpse into the inner-workings of the vampire’s mind. Up until this point, Siri has merely alluded to the sadistic nature of Sarasti’s psyche with such […]