Dearest Akin, I am writing you this letter as your mother and protector, but also as the link between the two identities in your being which both unite and alienate you from others. You are special Akin. You are the product of two races of distant origins combining, evolving, growing, and becoming something righteously beautiful. […]

The Give and Take in Octavia Butler’s Dawn

Octavia Butler’s Dawn is a novel that, on the surface seems to be commenting on humans’ instinctual drive towards corruption. For example, the group of people Lilith awakens from suspended animation, despite being unfamiliar with their surroundings, is determined to establish a hostile environment wherein its members must choose a faction to support in addition […]

Analysis of Page 72 of We3

Page 72 of Morrison and Quietely’s graphic novel We3 portrays the moment when characters 1 and 2 kill the hunter and his dog for injuring 3. This sequence of events in We3 is significant on a few levels. On one hand, this scene illustrates the reasoning this team of animal assassins has developed throughout the […]