Confronting the Confusion Embedded in Neuromancer

After finishing chapters seven through twelve of Neuromancer, I feel that I have a firm understanding of the narrative. I understand Neuromancer’s plot structure as well as its characters’ relationships and conflicts with each other and themselves. However, it is the intricacies of the narrative that continually trouble me. Throughout my reading of this text, […]

Wading Through the Tides of Tone in W.E.B. Du Bois’ “The Comet”

After reading W.E.B. Du Bois’ short story “The Comet,” I was intrigued by the author’s employment of water as the element by which I could gauge emotion/tone at critical points in the narrative. Not only is “The Comet” included in a collection entitled Darkwater, but Du Bois begins “The Comet” by referencing his character Jim as […]

Frankenstein- The Pain, Payback, and Pennance of An Evil Imp

In Tuesday’s class we discussed the subject of whether Frankenstein’s creation (let us simply call him “the wretch”) should be held accountable for his violent actions considering the circumstances of his creation and Frankenstein’s immediate abandonment of “the wretch” thereafter. In other words: Do we (our class) feel sympathy for this creature after having read […]

Frankenstein- Volume 1

Through my reading of the first volume of Shelley’s Frankenstein, I found Victor’s readiness to correlate his emotions with images and actions of nature to be deceiving as they come from a man determined to undermine the importance of natural selection in the wild. Natural selection allows only the strongest animals in the wild to […]